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What is Digital Signature

An Electronic Signature that replaces the Hand Written Signature used to Authenticate the Identity of the User of the document. Its Just Equivalent to Hand Written Signature. You detail profile , Photo and Signature in encrypted to some binary codes which is known as Digital Signature Certificate ( DSC ). 


Types of Digital Signature

Class 1 : This Certificate holds no legal Validity.

Class 2 : The identity of a Person is verified against a trusted , Pre-Verified Database

Class 3 : This is the highest level where the person needs to present himself in front of a registration authority to verify his identity.             


Is Digital Signature Mandatory

Yes it is Mandatory for the companies and the forms filed by assessee Chartered Accountants, Deductors and Individuals and Firms whose accounts are to be Audited.

Class II for 1 year is charged Rs 1000 and for 2 years is Rs 1200 , Class III is Rs 3000 for 1 year and Rs 3500 for 2 years
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Particulars Customer Rate  You Pay 
Digital Signature 1500/- or As you Like 1000/-
GST Registration  3000/- 2499/- 
Professional Tax Registration  1800/- 1500/- 
CIBIL  1200/- 1000/-